Patrick Seabase for Continental Tires

Patrick Seabase for Continental Tires


Traction speaks louder than words.

Caught this rad ad for Continental Tires over at Fixed Gear London.

It features rider Patrick Seabase whipping quite the epic skid while descending Galibier. Spot on advert if you ask me.

Photo by Gian Paul Lozza.

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Far West Courier: Stand-By

Far West Courier: Stand-By


As most of you know, I work as a bicycle messenger for the company Far West Courier, a progressive courier company excelling in the food delivery market.

During work, I decided to bring along my disposable camera which had a few shots left after having it on the trip from Jacksonville to Los Angeles. With the few remaining shots, I took a few of the crew on stand-by (a term used when there is…

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